Twitch API

Twitch API Info.

About the API we use to communicate with Twitch

We use Twitch's API to findout who is Live, We also use it for when we go Live on Twitch.

We use our own JQuery script which is a helper to load and detect pre-defined Twitch channels, Our JQuery API has an interval of 30 seconds from which it will check if a queried stream is live or not. If it is then an Live Indicator will appear next the that persons name to Indicate that said streamer is Live.

As of now we only use the API to determine if a broadcaster is live, but in the near future we will be adding additional features, this information has for now been deemed classified and will be revealed at a future date.


Can anyone use our API?, We're sorry but the answer is no, no one can use this API.

If you would like to implement your own API embed, you can view the Twitch Developers website for more information on how to achieve this goal.

Any additional information when we add more features will be added to this area.